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Report Sexual ViolenceAll forms of sexual violence should be reported, no matter the severity.

Oklahoma State University’s primary concern is safety; therefore, individuals should not be deterred from reporting even if the use of alcohol or other drugs was involved. The university has a Good Samaritan policy, which provides amnesty for minor conduct violation to students involved in a more serious incident.

Report Sexual Violence

Reporting OptionsWatch short videos explaining your reporting options.

Reporting to OSU Police

OSU Police only respond to incidents that happen on OSU campus.  OSU Police can be reached at the 104 USDA Building or by calling 405-744-6523.

Reporting to OSU Police (Video)

Reporting to Stillwater Police

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence off-campus and feels comfortable reporting, the Stillwater Police can be reached at 723 S. Lewis St. or by calling 405-372-4171.

Reporting to Stillwater Police (Video)

Reporting to Student Support & Conduct

Anyone can report instances of sexual violence to Student Support & Conduct. A complaint should be filed as soon as possible. A complaint can be filed online or in person in the office of Student Support & Conduct, 328 Student Union or by calling 405-744-5470. 

Reporting to Student Support & Conduct (Video)

More Information

Confidential & Non-confidential reporting options

Learn about your reporting options and keeping your identity confidential.

Requests for No Action

Students may request no action be taken by the university.

Supportive Measures

Discover more ways OSU can support you after your experience.

Victim Advocates

Our Victim Advocates provide students with resources, additional reporting options, assistance in reporting, and support for students during a SANE exam.

Victim's Bill of Rights

View your rights as a victim of sexual violence.

Student Code of Conduct 

View our Student Code of Conduct.

Interim Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy

View OSU's Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy.



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