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Resources & support

Find emergency resources and seek help, for yourself or for others.
The university is committed to creating an environment that encourages victims of sexual misconduct to come forward and report their concern. Every effort is made to safeguard the identities of students who seek help and/or report sexual misconduct.

Student training

Required student training
Join OSU in its stance that 1 is 2 Many and its effort to maintain a safe environment where all members of the campus community can live, learn, and be successful.


Frequently visited

Victim Advocates

Victim Advocates are here to help you in your time of need.


Find out more about what 1 Is 2 Many is helping victims with at OSU.

Our mission & impact

Find out more about 1 Is 2 Many.

Sexual Violence Resource Booklet

This booklet was created to assist anyone who has experience sexual violence.

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