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Sexual violence, including sexual assault, is a choice a perpetrator makes to ignore or deny someone else's wishes and autonomy. Sexual assault is never the fault of the person experiencing harm, no matter the circumstance or the type of relationship between those involved. This includes:

  • if the victim had been drinking or used drugs.
  • if the victim froze in response to what was happening or did not fight back.
  • if the victim has little or no memory of what happened.
  • if the victim has previously had consensual sex with this individual or someone else.
  • if the victim consented to one type of sexual intimacy, but experienced another without consent.
  • if the victim withdrew consent after agreeing to sexual intimacy.

View our Sexual Violence Resource Booklet for full information regarding reporting, resources, and supportive measures.

Also available in ChineseArabicSpanish, Korean, Farsi, and Vietnamese.

The Next Steps


If you or a friend has experienced sexual violence, it is important to first consider your safety. Are you safe from the person who harmed you? Do you need immediate help?


If you do not feel you are safe, call Oklahoma State University Police Department (OSUPD) or Stillwater Police Department (SPD) and they will immediately assist you.

Medical Attention

Once you have secured your safety, consider receiving medical attention. Immediate medical attention may be necessary to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and possible pregnancy, as well as treat any wounds incurred.


Stillwater Medical Center has a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) with Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). The nurse will perform an examination and stay with the victim throughout the treatment process. Stillwater Medical Center (SMC), Wings of Hope, and law enforcement collaborate to provide service and care to survivors of sexual assault.



We encourage students to report all forms of sexual violence, no matter the severity; however, it is every student's right not to report an incident to the university or law enforcement if they do not want the incident to be investigated.


Students are not required to provide additional information about the incident or participate in a university investigation in order to receive services or supportive measures. Our goal is to provide all of our students with information on reporting options, so they can make an informed decision on what is best for them.


Support for International Students

As an international student you may have different concerns regarding reporting, contacting the police, and available resources.

Support Services

Victim Advocates

Victim Advocates

Supportive Measures

Supportive Measures

Empower MeToo

Group Counseling

Additional Resources 


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