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All forms of sexual violence should be reported to the University, no matter the severity. Oklahoma State University’s primary concern is safety. The University encourages those impacted by sexual violence to talk to someone about what happened so they can receive support and the University can respond appropriately.


University employee responsibilities in reporting

When an incident of sexual violence is reported to any employee, the employee is strongly encouraged, if not required, to report the incident. View details about reporting as a university employee here.

Responding to disclosures of sexual violence

When responding to disclosures of sexual violence an employee should support, refer, report. Learn more about these steps and how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence.


Interacting with someone who's experienced sexual violence

When someone chooses to disclose their experience with you, it is important to be aware that the individual is choosing to tell you about a very traumatic incident. Learn how to support and interact with someone who's experienced sexual violence.



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