Outreach Presentations


In addition to the required online training for every student, the 1 is 2 Many campaign offers a research-based in person training to any group upon request. This training is tailored to college students and how they experience domestic and sexual violence.This training is meant to facilitate students to become active bystanders and leaders on the OSU campus. It is interactive, involving activities and videos, lasting about 45 minutes and includes discussion regarding the following:

  • Relevant definitions and statistics
  • How to help a friend who has experienced sexual violence
  • Reporting on and off campus
  • How to help end sexual violence by becoming an active bystander
  • Resources on and off campus

The presentation can be tailored for any group or topic, as well as shortened if needed.

Additionally, any questions students have are answered and 1 is 2 Many cards with resource information are available for follow up questions.We encourage you to book a presentation and help end sexual violence by becoming educated and taking a stand.

To book a presentation, email student.conduct@okstate.edu or call 405-744-5470.