Getting more involved on campus

There are many ways to become more involved on campus. You just have to decide to take action! By becoming an active bystander, you can help change the culture on campus and prevent sexual violence. When you hear inappropriate jokes or people talking about sexual violence, get involved and educate. When you see potentially dangerous situations, there are always safe steps you can take to intervene. Check out for great tips on becoming an active bystander!

You can go a step further and join any of the following groups dedicated to educating campus, preventing sexual violence, and changing our culture:

Sexual Violence Prevention Committee
Any member of the OSU community can join the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee. This committee collaborately works to educate and prevent on issues of sexual violence. To learn more and to find out about the next meeting dates contact Student Conduct office at 405-744-5470 or

OSU One in Four Mens Chapter or Womens Chapter
One in Four is a sexual-assault peer-education group that seeks to educate students about rape and inform them how to help victims recover from a sexual assault experience.

Men's Chapter:

Women’s Chapter:

Womens Programming Advisory Council (WPAC)
The Womens Programming Advisory Council (WPAC), formerly the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Womens Resources Center Student Alliance (WRC), is charged with guiding the growth and direction of Womens Programs at Oklahoma State University.

Minority Womens Association (MWA)
MWA aims to assist minority women in development of their knowledge of politics, academic excellence, social interaction and self-realization.

Educating the student body on safer sex practices in order to raise awareness.