Campus Resources

The university is committed to creating an environment that encourages victims of sexual misconduct to come forward and report their concern. Every effort is made to safeguard the identities of students who seek help and/or report sexual misconduct. Be aware that different individuals that you may contact for assistance following an incident of sexual misconduct will have different responsibilities with regard to confidentiality, depending on their position.

Under state law, some individuals can assure the confidentiality of the victim. This includes counselors, health care providers, spiritual/religious counselors, and certified victims’ advocates. In general, however, other university employees cannot guarantee complete confidentiality, unless specifically provided by state law. The university must balance the needs of the individual victim with its obligation to protect the safety and well-being of the community at large. Depending on the circumstance of the alleged incident, a campus safety alert may be posted throughout the campus. These alerts never identify victims or assailants.


A sexual misconduct experience is most often an emotionally disruptive event. It takes time to come to terms with such a major stress.  In addition to support that may be found in family and friends, the following agencies have professional counselors that can be of assistance, provide further information on the subject of sexual misconduct, and assist with the healing process.

The OSU Student Counseling Center
320 Student Union

Oklahoma State University has professional staff members in the University Counseling Center that can serve as survivor advocates.  You may make an appointment to meet with a counselor and speak freely with her/him, knowing that they will hold what you say in confidence, as legally permitted. The first five sessions at the Counseling Center are free. Also, a counselor is available 24 hours/day. Call OSUPD at 405-744-6523 to reach the on-call counselor after 5 p.m. and on the weekends.

Counseling Psychology Clinic
111 PIO Building

The Counseling Psychology Clinic strives to offer high quality and cost efficient psychological and mental health services to students and residents of Stillwater and the surrounding areas. Master's level students in community and school counseling and doctoral students on counseling psychology receive training in the Clinic. Clinics operate in both Stillwater and Tulsa.

OSU Psychological Services Center
118 North Murray Hall

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) was established in 1971 as a facility for training, service, and research at Oklahoma State University. Within the PSC is the Marriage and Family Clinic (MFC), which specializes in treatment of marital, premarital, and family problems. These clinics are operated by the Department of Psychology through the College of Arts and Science.

Center for Family Services
101 Human Sciences West
(405) 744-5058

The Center for Family Services is sponsored by the Department of Human Development and Family Science in the College of Human Sciences.  The Center’s dual mission is to provide high-quality, low cost marital and family therapy services to the public and to provide a training environment for Master’s Degree students specializing in marriage and family therapy.

Sexual Violence Support Group
5:30 - 6:30pm
Contact for reigstration and location information

This is a confidential, free support group open to survivors at any stage in the healing process.

Reporting Resources

Incident occurred on campus contact:

Oklahoma State University Police Department 104 USDA Building


Incident occurred off campus contact:

Stillwater Police Department 723 S. Lewis Street 405-372-4171

Student Conduct Education and Administration
328 Student Union

Both students and non students can file a complaint against an OSU student that alleges a violation of OSU's Code of Conduct has occurred. These complaints are filed through the Student Conduct Education and Administration. Violations of OSU's Code of Conduct include sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and stalking. The Code of Conduct provides for sanctions up to and including suspension of a student in cases where violations have occurred. The code of Conduct requires that complaints be filed within 180 calendar days of the alleged violation.

Additionally, Student Conduct Education and Administration can issue a "No Contact Order" between parties. This prohibits any contact between the victim and the accused for a specific period of time. Students are able to gain accommodations without filing a formal complaint.

Student Conduct can also assist students in making alterations to living arrangements, class schedules, on-campus work schedules, transportation, and other interim accommodations which are necessary to promote safety following an allegation of this nature.

Other Resources

OSU Affirmative Action/Title IX Compliance
409 General Academic Building

Behavioral Consultation Team
Daytime phone: 405-744-3333
After hours call OSU PD at 405-744-6523
Call 911 in the event of an emergency or if you need immediate assistance

The Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is a specially trained group of professional staff members from several university departments with mental health, student development, law enforcement, academic, administrative and legal expertise. The team investigates and evaluates threats and other concerning behavior, implements strategies for managing individuals that may pose a threat of harm. The team’s goal is to work with all parties involved to effect a safe campus environment. If you see something, say something.

Immigration and Visa Resources

International students and scholars with questions about their immigration and visa status are advised to seek the assistance of an immigration attorney. The documents below are resources to explain certain aspects of the law, but is not a replacement for legal advice.